Dr. Melissa Miller

    Having a daughter of my own has ignited a passion in me to make a difference in the world for girls and how they feel about themselves. I desperately want to help all girls, and women, find freedom from negative body image so they can live their life as fully as possible. As a culture we have spent a lot of energy helping to foster the positive effects of the mother-daughter relationship, and I think we’ve been missing a major piece of the puzzle by not spending an equal amount of energy on the father daughter relationship. I believe if dad’s knew how important and positive they could be for their daughter, we could really change the world.


    Professional Highlights

    Bachelor of Science: Colorado State University

    Masters: University of Denver

    Doctorate of Psychology: University of Denver

    Post-doctorate: Charlotte Center for Balanced Living, specializing in Eating Disorders and Body Image

    Currently, Dr. Miller is in practice at Southeast Psych and is a member of their Food Wise Team. She sees individuals and families who are struggling with eating disorders, body image, and self esteem.