Dr. Lauren King

    In my personal and professional life, I’m devoted to helping women accept their bodies and feel confident. I want women of all ages to feel loved, accepted, and supported. Our society touts unrelenting standards for how women should look, causing feelings of shame and unworthiness. I believe there are many ways to tackle this issue and change the world for women. However, as a mother who has seen the power of a father-daughter relationship in action, I believe that dads are in a special position to challenge the lies their daughters hear about themselves every day. In fact, I attribute much of my own confidence and joy in life to a close relationship with my own father.

    I want A Voice That Carries to educate and empower fathers. When dads watch this film, they will better understand the world their daughter lives in and feel confident about their ability to relate to her in ways that protect her and make her develop a strong sense of self. I’m grateful to be part of this project and this fantastic team of professional women.


    Professional Highlights

    Doctorate from Fuller School of Psychology

    Licensed Psychologist

    Currently in private practice treating girls and women ages 5-40, specializing in the treatment of Eating Disorders, Trauma, and Anxiety

    Lauren has mentored adolescent girls for 12 years.

    Dissertation Topic: Exploring the Relationships among Ethnic Identity, Spirituality, and Eating Disorder Risk Factors in African American Women

    Provided therapy at an adolescent treatment center at the partial hospitalization unit.