Dr. Heidi Limbrunner

    As a mother and as a psychologist, I strongly believe that it is possible to raise a daughter with a healthy self-esteem and body image. Although girls and women are inundated with unrealistic images and unhealthy messages from the media about appearance and its value, a parents’ words and actions carry a stronger and more lasting impact on a child. This is why the documentary A Voice That Carries is so critical to me and why I am so passionate about this amazing project. Fathers, stepfathers, grandfathers, uncles, and all men need to know their potential in helping girls and women to feel good about themselves for who they are rather than to focus solely on appearance. This documentary will explain the positive impact fathers can have on their daughters and give realistic guidance on ways they can help their daughter feel beautiful for who they are.

    Dr. Heidi Limbrunner is a board certified clinical psychologist and a certified eating disorder specialist. She has provided treatment in the field of eating disorders for over ten years. Her experience includes providing treatment at inpatient, day treatment and outpatient settings and developing eating disorder programs. She has spoken nationally on the topic of eating disorders at several conferences including the National Eating Disorder Association, Society for Adolescent Medicine and International Association for Eating Disorder Professionals.