A Roper & Roper poll in 2004, found that only 30% of dad’s felt that their involvement in their daughter’s life played an important role in her life and well-being. The truth is a father plays a vital role in their daughter’s development. Studies have found that the interactions between fathers and their children provide unique opportunities for growth and development.

As a father or male figure in a daughter’s life, here are some tips to make the most positive impact for your child.

TIP #1

Let your child know that you love her for who she is, not for how she looks or what she achieves. Praise her for her efforts, not always for the outcome. Help her take pride in what she has achieved and what she has strived for. Compliment her for her beauty as all girls are beautiful, but remember to also praise her more often for the traits that are the most beautiful – being generous, kind, a hard worker, artistic, determined, smart, caring, etc.

TIP #2

Encourage her to be proud of what she does achieve. Help her learn to take credit for her accomplishments. Father’s often play a key role in helping their daughter’s achieve in goal setting.

TIP #3

When she faces an obstacle, be there for guidance. If she makes a mistake, let her learn from it and face consequences.  Try to not solve the problem for her, but let her know you have faith she can solve it. This fosters a positive sense of self-esteem and independence.

TIP #4

Let her be different from you. Allow her to express beliefs different from your own or have different views. Allowing her to disagree with you, but know that she is still loved and valued by you, helps her face the world and be different. This can help with facing peer pressure in the future and prepares her for a world that will not always agree with her thoughts.

TIP #5

Spend time together. Ask her how her day is. Ask her what her goals are. Get to know her likes and dislikes. Be sure to talk too! She wants to hear from you as well. Let her know what healthy communication should be like.

TIP #6

Don’t fear the teen years. Instead, be prepared. Fathers’ communication with their teen daughter often decreases as there are many changes happening in their daughter’s life. Teen girls sometimes mistake their physical changes as the reason while father’s disengage and attempt to diet to cease these changes. Stay engaged with your teen. She needs you know more than ever.

TIP #7

Hug and hug often. Your daughter needs that reassurance that you are there and love her.

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Remember, your role as a father or male figure
in your daughter’s life IS important.

Your voice matters.