1. Preschoolers are noticing, listening, and trying to make sense of everything around them. Continue to use positive language when discussing your daughter’s body so that she does not develop a negative sense of herself and her appearance.
2. Try to avoid criticizing or overly praising others based on their appearance or body type. Girls especially may hear this and begin to think that their value or worth is based on their weight or appearance.

3. Continue to expose your daughter to a variety of different foods, and to encourage her to eat all types of foods. It’s important for her not to think of certain foods as “bad,” but instead to aim for a healthy balance.

4. Play! Let your daughter take the lead in play, and just follow along with whatever she is interested in. Continue to talk to her about what she is playing so she knows that you are paying attention and enjoying the time with her.

5. If you have a favorite sport or activity, now can be a good time to start trying to share that with your daughter. Just make sure it isn’t competitive or too complicated for her to play along – keep it fun!

6. Let your daughter know how beautiful and cute you think she is! But also be sure to tell her what else you like about her, including how she thinks (that she is smart, asks good questions, is very observant) and what she does well (playing sports, social skills, being kind). It is important for your daughter to think of herself as including much more than the way she looks, and her self-concept begins to form now.

7. Read with your daughter. Kids love stories and they enjoy the way that dads read and interpret things differently than moms do.